Frank’s Sticky Stuff – Wall Board and Foam Bonder

Wall board and foam spray adhesive in a canister. The 30lb adhesive spray canister will spray a complete pool in 3-5 minutes. Simply place canister in middle of pool with 25’ hose and spray all of the pool. There is a 30 minute work time to apply wall board or foam. the canister will spray 20-30 pools with minimum application and 6-10 pools with full coverage.

  • A very tacky sticky adhesive that grabs and holds the PWB (Pool Wall Board) and  wall foam. The overall amount of adhesive needed is reduced saving money.
  • The application of the adhesive is very fast saving time and labor. Most pools can be sprayed in 3-5  minutes.
  • No cramped fingers.The spray application gun has a comfort grip with an easy to pull trigger eliminating the cramped finger pushing spray tips on aerosol cans. The 24” wand makes it easy to spray deep end walls standing in the bottom of the pool.
  • Longer working time. You have 30-40 minutes of work time to apply the wall foam to the pool wall after the adhesive has been sprayed on the wall.
  • Easy clean up. Just dip the tip of the spray nozzle in a can of PVC pipe cleaner or wipe the tip with the cleaner on a rag after applying adhesive.
  • We now have two locations that we ship from providing minimal shipping cost. Orders for the North East will ship out of PA and the South East and Mid West out of MS.
  • 10-20 Pools Per Canister with Minimum Spray Application
  • 4-6 Pools with Full Coverage Application

WE also sell a spray gun and hose that will adapt to the canister.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Wall Foam Bonder is considered a Hazardous Material and requires special shipping requirements which do increase shipping cost. We will be happy to furnish a shipping quote.

Frank’s Sticky Stuff – Wall Board & Foam Bonder