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If you’re pouring concrete or doing other landscaping around a pool, Flexiform concrete forms can work as a mold to help guide your project. Made by one of the top brands in the realm of concrete construction, Flexiform is an ideal choice if you need board formed concrete. Here are some tips on using this product and a look at its benefits.


To use Flexiform, you essentially lay out the forms, and you connect them using dowels that insert into the ends of your forms, helping everything to snap together easily. Then, you slide in a special cam lock which allows you to raise and lower your concrete forms. This allows you to adjust your height as needed so that it works perfectly for the needs of your project.

Here is a step-by-step look at how to use Flexiform perfectly in your next project:

  1. Use orange paint to outline target areas.
  2. Drive stakes into ground to use as a guide.
  3. Connect the Flexiform “boards” together.
  4. Position the Flexiform around the stakes.
  5. Use the cam locks to raise or lower the Flexiform.
  6. Once everything is in place, pour the concrete.
  7. Let the concrete set and remove the Flexiform.


Note that if you are making a patio next to the pool, you may just want to set up the Flexiform in your desired spots and start pouring. However, if you are making a path, you may want to start by positioning the Flexiform concrete forms on one side of the area you are going to pour concrete. Then use a board the desired width of your sidewalk to determine where the other edge of the sidewalk should be, and place stakes and Flexiform in that area. This technique helps to ensure that your width is even throughout the entire pathway.


Traditionally, whether they’re working around a pool or just doing general landscaping, contractors used wooden boards to outline where they were going to pour concrete. Flexiform offers a number of benefits over traditional wooden boards including the following:

  • Flexible material that can easily work for curves and tight radii.
  • Can be reused multiple times — simply rinse off any residual concrete, store, and use when ready.
  • Perfect for slopes.
  • Lightweight design reduces risks of strains or injuries on the job site, while also making them easier to transport, store, and move.
  • Helps with setting tile as well as pouring concrete.
  • Environmentally friendly thanks to being made with 100% recycled HDPE plastics, which is the same plastic found in milk jugs.
  • Comes in different sizes to work in a variety of projects.

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