Liner Mule Tool to Re-install Pool Liner Bead

This tool is designed to be used by a professional pool service personnel. The Liner mule is an amazing simple tool that hooks the liner bead of a liner that has slipped out of the track and helps pull the liner bead straight up with the bead pointing toward the track for easy re-insertion of the bead. This tool will make the users job on the work site much easier. With this easy tool all of the difficulties of a slipped liner have gone away. If you have any questions feel free to call us at 800-488-9146 or email us at 

Due to the nature of this product, it is not eligible for refunds.


Take the Liner Mule and point rubber handle grip down toward the pool water with the U hook facing the pool wall. Place the small hook on end of U hook onto the liner bead  starting on one side of where the liner has dropped out of track. Now let the opposite end of the handle rest on the pool deck with the rubber hand grip facing out toward the center of the pool. At this point you should pour hot water over the liner along the area the liner is dropping down. The hot water will allow the liner to stretch more while pulling up on Liner Mule. Then pull up on handle end of the Liner Mule pulling the liner up till liner bead lines up with receiver track. Push liner bead into track and them move the Liner Mule over 4” and pull another section of liner bead up to place in track. Use the plastic wedges to help hold liner bead in track after bead being pushed in track to help hold in place till all liner bead is back in the track.

WARNING- Do not use a heat gun or hair dryer to heat liner for stretching. It can melt a hole in liner very quickly.

Important information.  As liners age they start becoming more rigid especially above the water line where the Sun hits the liner. It may be necessary to drop the pool water level 12” to 24” to have more liner area to stretch. Liners will age to a point where the vinyl material has become stiff and brittle and can’t be stretched. The Liner Mule will rip the liner when pulled up when the material has aged to this point. Liner replacement is recommended at this point.

Use the Liner Sure bead lock to lock liner bead in track. The Liner Sure bead lock is designed to be installed all the way around the pool providing protection from liner coming out of the track and It’s  ½” frontal lip provides a nice trim look around the pool.

Liner Mule


Due to the nature of this product, it is not eligible for refunds.