Concrete Construction Products

Concrete forming boards from Frank Wall Enterprises are one of the first things you need to consider when constructing your backyard swimming pool. These products help you to pour and set the space in your backyard that will hold a swimming pool, driveway, patio, or sidewalk. As your one-stop shop for all things related to pools, Frank Wall Enterprises has the concrete forming boards and other products that you need to create a firm foundation.


Homeowners use this product to pour concrete pool decks and other concrete items such as a patio. It is appropriate for any concrete surface with curves or tight radiuses. It comes with tile setting boards to allow you to place tile for your outdoor landscape. Made from completely recycled materials, Flexiform works well for any project that requires concrete forming boards.


When you need to control the way that concrete flows out of a work truck or reduce its splatter, you can depend on our Handychute to do the job right. The Handychute also makes it easier and cleaner to pour the concrete forms for your backyard swimming pool. The concrete stays clean after you pour it as well. This product can make a good choice when it comes time to pour concrete into a wall forming system.

PremLEASE Form Release Agent

People use this product most often to ensure clean stripping of all types of concrete forms. We recommend using it regularly to keep your concrete forms clean. PremLEASE works best on form liners made from ABS and PVC plastic as well as:

  • Aluminum
  • Elastomeric made from silicone rubber or urethane
  • High density plywood overlays
  • Medium and low density plywood overlays
  • Non-porous concrete forms
  • Plywood
  • Steel
  • Wood

Our PremLEASE product does not stain, even when you use it for heat curing or against white cement. Additionally, it does not prevent adhesion from taking place with caulk, paint, or sealers and it can prevent bug holes from forming on a concrete surface.

Return Fitting

This liner return wall fitting made from vinyl is appropriate for using in concrete swimming pool walls up to 10 inches thick and is made from forms of aluminum concrete. You can place the return fitting anywhere in the wall of the pool where you have room to include the wall tie into the forming system. You do not need to screw the return fitting into the concrete wall of the pool for it to remain firmly in place. Our return fittings come in cases of 12 and include all the materials you need to place them.

Get Concrete Form Boards and More from Frank Wall Enterprises

Frank Wall has been in the swimming pool industry for more than 30 years. Pool owners know they can trust his good name for quality products and outstanding service. Whether you need board formed concrete or other products for your backyard swimming pool, we are sure to have it. Frank continually researches new innovations in the industry so he can make the parts available to customers long before the competition even knows about them.

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