Smart Gasket(*NOTICE* If you are a swimming pool company or dealer call us to create an account and receive a catalog with your pricing)

The Smart Gasket is a new type of gasket material that is used for skimmers, main drains, return inlets, lights and step gaskets. There are several unique features about our gasket. First, we use a  gasket material that meets our specific requirements for strength, flexibility, compressibility, seal ability and chemical resistance. Secondly, our gasket also has a high performance peel and stick adhesive backing that makes installation as simple as peeling the release paper off the gasket and sticking the gasket in place. The user will not have to use glue or worry about gaskets falling off under the liner. We offer this in return gasket, main drain gasket, step gasket, and skimmer gasket. We also have this in 10 and 8 hole light gastket. If you have any questions feel free to call us at 800-488-9146, or email us at Also, we would love to hear from you with any feedback you may have for any of our products. Call us for pricing on bundles of 25.

For more information on our Smart Gasket check out the video below. Mr. Frank, our owner will go over each gasket that we offer and discuss the benefits of using our Smart Gasket. Watch below to get an idea of what this product is all about and how Smart Gasket can make your service day much easier.

Smart Gasket