Building a pool deck is no easy task. You have to get every step just right in order to call it a successful job. This includes adding pool deck drain covers to your drainage system. There are two types of drains: an all-in-one drainage system where the entire drain is one piece of PVC, or a two piece system which has the drain and a cover that can either snap in or be screwed on. Which type you choose will depend on the job and the preference of the project owner. Here are some details about the differences between these two types.


Why Not Use All-in-One Drains

Many home improvement and construction workers are familiar with the all-in-one drain style. These have been around for a while and have been a trusted drainage system for many years. They are easy to install and provide great drainage protection for a variety of jobs.

The downside to this style of drain is that they are difficult to remove and replace if they get damaged. The outdoors can have harsh effects on your drains and the PVC can sometimes crack. If the drain is routinely becoming clogged due to damage it must be entirely ripped out and replaced. Although possible, it’s a complicated job to complete.


Why Pool Deck Drain Covers are a Better Option

Many project managers are now choosing to install the two piece style of drain instead. These are preferable to the one piece style because they can be easily removed and replaced if damaged. They also allow for more versatility in the future if the homeowner decides to change their design aesthetic and wants to switch from black pool deck drain covers to white or tan.

Another major benefit to the two piece pool deck drain system is that you can simply remove the cover if debris is caught in the drain which makes cleaning them a much easier job than with the all-in-one style of drain.


Screw-In VS Snap-In Pool Deck Drain Covers

Even when it comes to two piece pool deck drains, there are still more options to decide between. You can choose to go with a cover that snaps into the drain, or one that requires small screws to hold it in place. As you can probably guess, the screw-in pool deck drain cover is a more secure option because you can virtually guarantee that it won’t get bumped by lawn equipment, running children, or animals such as deer, squirrels, and raccoons. If a snap-in drain cover becomes dislodged, you’ll have to catch it quickly and snap it back in so it can remain effective.


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