Ground protection mats are great for when you’re using heavy machinery and don’t want to mess up someone’s yard by driving back and forth over it all day. But because they take such a beating, they can wear out quickly if not taken care of properly. Here are a few of our top tips for maintaining your ground protection mats so you can use them on job after job.

Clean Them

These mats are meant to protect the ground from being ruined by heavy machinery or frequent foot traffic. They are especially helpful for giving you traction on soft ground such as marshy terrain, mud, and sand. Because of the dirty conditions they put up with, it’s important to clean them after every job. If you think they’re going to be at the same job for a while, you might want to make a regular schedule for cleaning them.

To clean, simply spray them with a hose until all the mud and dirt is gone. You may need to scrape off the more difficult areas, or around the grooves in the mat. If you have access to a power washing machine, you might find that helpful. Avoiding the buildup of mud and dirt keeps the surfaces from getting smooth and therefore losing the traction benefits that these ground protection mats provide.

Inspect Them

After each job, visually inspect the mats to ensure there aren’t any rips, tears, or punctures that would keep them from performing at their best. If there is a tear, the mat might not do as great of a job at protecting the ground as it would have before. If you see any issues, you can then determine if the mat is still usable, or if you need to replace it before heading out to the next job site. Ensuring your mats are in their best condition helps you to provide better ground protection for your client’s yards.

Store Them Properly

In between jobs, you’ll want to keep your ground protection mats stored in a clean, dry place such as a garage or warehouse area. It is best to lay them flat so the weight of hanging them or storing them upright doesn’t warp the shape. You can also stack them on top of one another to help save space. Just be sure they’re clean and dry before doing so to prevent mold and mildew from forming. Storing them this way helps maintain the cleanliness and durability which you just spent the time to ensure.

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