Do you think your pool deck drain system could be performing better? There are certain signs to look out for signaling it’s time to redo your pool deck drain or entire drainage system. Know when to redo this important part of your pool’s function before there is irreparable damage to your pool, landscaping, and more.

When to Redo Your Pool Deck Drain System

Standing Water

A functioning pool deck drainage system will immediately drain off standing water. Puddles of stagnant water on your pool deck’s surface are always the first sign of a drainage system problem.

Water Near Your Foundation

Standing water near your home’s foundation is a serious problem that needs to be fixed right away. Water near the foundation can lead to damage in your home’s lower levels and even your entire home being undermined. To highlight, pool water can be seeping out of underneath the pool and into your crawlspaces and basement. It is responsible to check a few times a year that there is no water running down from your deck and collecting against your house’s foundation.

Landscaping Damage

Standing water on your landscaping, yard, garden, or elsewhere, or dying plants and crops signal that there is too much water spilling out from your pool’s system. You can save further damage to your landscape by redirecting your drainage system to a different, often better location.

Usually, adjusting the drain field slope helps. Although, the entire drainage may need to be relocated.

Damaged Drains, Grates, Pipes, and Covers

Obvious damage to drains, piping, grates, and drain covers should be immediately replaced for them to work at maximum efficiency. For example, broken drain lines can lead the water elsewhere. Any individual damage to parts of your pool deck drain system will always lead to drainage issues on the deck.

Draining to the Wrong Area

If your drainage system was not properly installed, water will funnel away incorrectly. Check to see if all your drainage pipes spill out into the desired area. Moreover, the drain field has to have enough soil, pebble, and/or gravel to handle the runoff. Another cause is you might have problems with the drains’ grade and slope.

A Pool Deck Drain System Should be Professionally Installed

Clogged or broken drain lines are another possibility of the core problem. If you think this might be the issue, get a pool professional out immediately to diagnose and repair the issue. Another possibility is that your pool deck drain system grading is wrong; you might have to rework the entire system to remove standing water.

Don’t be too casual about problems relating to your pool deck drainage; small problems can very quickly lead to big problems and costly unexpected repairs when not taken care of. Most importantly, the right pool deck drain solution is crucial for the lifespan of your swimming pool, as well as the safety of everyone who uses the pool and the beauty of your pool deck and surrounding property.

Hopefully, these expert tips can help you design the perfect pool drainage system for your swimming pool or allow your existing drainage system to be much more effective.

Contact one of our pool professionals if you need help planning and creating a drainage system that keeps water off your pool deck for good. We can help plan the right pool deck drainage solution for your property.

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