It’s important during pool season (and all year long) to have a reliable source for buying swimming pool parts, equipment, and accessories. At Frank Wall, we stock the most well-known industry brands to install, maintain, repair, and service residential and commercial pools.

You can always count on the team of experts at Frank Wall to help you find exactly what need. Let’s explore the essential swimming pool parts you can find at Frank Wall.



Pool Pump

Find a variety of Koshin centrifugal, diaphragm, trash and semi-trash, high-pressure, submersible, and trailer-mounted pumps in the size necessary for your project or home. Looking for replacement hoses. We have that too. Are you feeling stuck on what Koshin pump would be best for your project? Read our Koshin pool pump guide. Do you need assistance replacing Koshin pump parts? The team at Frank Wall believes in safety first, so check out our list of common Koshin pool pump parts and how to properly replace them.

Thinking that you need to invest in a pool pump house? Frank Wall has you covered. Pool filters, safety covers,

Pool Drainage System

Quaker Plastics has created deck drains and paver drains of the highest quality PVC for commercial, industrial, and residential pools. Frank Wall carries an assortment of sizes, shapes, and styles of Quaker drains. Our team will help you find the one right for your project. Need a refresher on the different types of pool drainage systems? Frank Wall has this too. Are you looking to replace the drain for your residential pool? Think twice about making this a DIY project.

Ground Protection Mats

Duradeck is the number one choice by pool experts for ground protection mats. Frank Wall also sells Duradeck accessories to waterproof any pool area no matter the size. Duradeck mats are made to withstand heavy-duty weight and movement. Whether for industrial machinery or a residential swimming pool, Duradeck is by far the choice of our pool experts.



Concrete Form Boards

Frank Wall carries AquaForms aluminum concrete form boards. This brand is known to have the cleanest pours for the life of the system. Are you looking to install the highest-quality pool design for your clients? Then, Aquaform concrete form boards are a necessary part of the installation. Looking to discuss with a pool expert what type of pool would be best for your project: saltwater or freshwater? Contact one of our pool experts today.

Innovative Swimming Pool Parts

Looking for other miscellaneous parts such as gaskets, discs, liners, extensions, adaptors, and more? Rely on Frank Wall for your innovative pool project solutions. Our team has even created a revolutionary product that you can only find here.

Swimming Pool Equipment and More

Frank Wall has you covered for much more than installing and replacing pool parts. Our team carries years of experience and extensive knowledge in installing and servicing both residential and commercial pools, as well as industrial projects. Learn more about other pool essentials such as pool filters, safety covers, cleaner parts, chemicals, and more. We pride ourselves on innovative products for the construction industry, as well as pool owners.



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