We have all seen those big square drain covers at the bottom of our neighborhood and backyard pools. While there are many different drains all working together to keep your pool flowing and healthy, none pose quite the risk that the main drain does.


What Does the Main Drain (Square Drain) Do?

The main drain is usually located in the deepest part of the pool floor and is used to regulate the water level if it gets too high due to rain or other reason. This is only a part of the main drain’s duties. Therefore, it’s very important as an overflowing pool can quickly overwhelm the other drainage systems you might have in place. Not to mention, there can be potential damage to the surrounding sediment and landscape.

The primary purpose of the main square drain is to help the water at the bottom of the pool circulate to then be filtered.


Is the Main Square Drain Dangerous?

You may have seen news stories in the past calling attention to the dangers of faulty drainage systems. A 2017 case comes to mind where a young girl in the UK nearly drowned when her hair was sucked into the main drain of the pool and she could not escape. While this is a very rare occurrence, poorly maintained or ill-fitting square drain covers could expose your pool guests to serious bodily harm.

Most main or bottom drains have a failsafe system if the drain becomes fully blocked by either a person or debris. The pumps will shut off to eliminate further suction. Having the right square drain cover will ensure the safety of pool guests related to the main drain. This means a cover that is elevated in the center with purposefully designed grills to prevent a complete seal.


Having the Right Square Drain Cover Isn’t Enough – You Have to Maintain It

Finding the right square drain cover is critical because, without it, hair and/or limbs could be caught in the pool’s drainage system. Sometimes called “antivortex covers,” these grates serve to disrupt the flow of water to avoid a vortex or swirling pool of water that could attract hair and encourage suction.

As mentioned above, the design of the square drain cover is important, just like the maintenance. A properly maintained bottom or square drain will allow all of the dirt and debris that sank to the bottom of the pool to be filtered out through these drains. Regularly cleaning out the bottom drain(s) of your pool encourages a healthy flow of circulation in your pool’s water, leading to a healthier pool overall.


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Square drains or main drains are essential to some pools’ circulation and filtration, but can be dangerous unless you have the right square drain cover.

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