Return Fitting

The new CWF10 Vinyl Liner return wall fitting is designed to be used in full 10″ thick concrete swimming pool walls for Vinyl Liner pools formed with aluminum concrete forms. The fitting can be placed anywhere in the pool wall where there is a place for the wall tie to be placed in the forming system. There is no need to screw the fitting to the concrete wall form to hold it in place.


  • 10″ long return fitting body
  • Rounded square face plate
  • Smart Gasket peel and stick gasket
  • 4 pointed SS screws
  • Plastic tie sleeve
  • Deep pipe glue socket
  • Designed to accept new LED pool lights for return fitting
  • This product comes with either a white or gray faceplate
  • Comes in cases of 12

For information on ordering please call us at 800-488-9146

Return Fitting