PVC Water Suction Hoses

The water suction and discharge hoses are designed for construction, mining, marine and irrigation purposes. We carry Abbott water suction hoses. These hoses are very durable and will hold up in many different situations. Temperature range 15° to 150°F. These hoses work great with the Koshin pumps we offer. We offer the water suction hose in 2″,3″ and 4″ and these will fit all of our Koshin pumps. We are now offering a 12 foot suction hose to the line. This 12 foot hose is great for running over the edge of the pool and then connecting to a discharge hose. The 12 foot hose allows the user to avoid crimping in the hose. If you would like to see the line of pumps we offer click the koshin link below. We also offer water discharge hoses, if you would like to check our discharge hoses out, click the discharge hose link below.

Discharge Hoses

Koshin Pumps

2″ or 3″ hoses available in 20′ lengths

Sizes of pump suction hoses

PRICE:            INVENTORY#:

2″     $56.00     A2X12SUC

2”    $65.00      A2X20SUC

3”    $124.00    A3X20SUC

4”    $265.00    A4X20SUC

Water Suction Hose Questions

If you have any other questions about this product or any product, feel free to call us at 800-488-9146 or email us at orders@frankwall.com.

Pump Suction Hoses