Premlease – Form Release Agent

PremLEASE Premium Form Release Agent is for general use to promote clean stripping of concrete forms. Regular use keeps them clean. It produces attractive concrete surfaces without bugholes when used on non-porous forms and form liners made of plastic (ABS and PVC), elastomeric (urethane and silicone rubber), high density plywood overlays, aluminum and steel. Excellent results also can be obtained with wood, plywood, medium and low density plywood overlays. PremLEASE Premium Form Release Agent will not stain — even against concrete containing white cement and when heat curing is used. It does not interfere with the adhesion to concrete or sealers, caulk and paint.


PremLEASE Premium Form Release Agent permits easy stain-free removal of forms, formliners, pallets, etc. from hardened concrete.

• Cuts form clean-up time up to 70% when properly applied.

• Can reduce bugholes on concrete surfaces.

• Doesn’t interfere with adhesion of caulk, architectural coatings, paint, sealers and curing compounds on cured concrete surfaces when properly applied.

• Is excellent on aluminum forms.

• Can be applied in sub-freezing or very hot temperatures.

• Reduces incidences of skin rashes to an absolute minimum.

• Promotes longer life of plywood forms by acting as a water repellent from inside the wood.

• Can produce both visual impact and typical concrete surfaces.


PFR-5 —— 5 gallon bucket——- $72.25

PFR-55—–55 gallon bucket——$616.00

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Premlease – Form Release Agent