We offer this quaker drain in the colors white, gray, and tan to fit most of the color needs. This drain is designed specifically for Pavers. Quaker drain products work great and we have something for everyone when it comes to drain needs. If you would like to check out our other drain products follow the link below.

Quaker Drains

QP-6401W- 10′ lengths (80ft. per case)

2″ Paver Drain

$41.00ea./$327.50 per case (8 pieces)


QP-6401G- 10′ lengths (80ft. per case)

2″ Paver Drain

$41.00ea./$327.50 per case (8 pieces)


QP-6401T- 10′ lengths (80ft. per case)

2″ Paver Drain

$41.00ea./$327.50 per case (8 pieces)



 Features and Benefits of paver drains:

– Designed Specifically for Pavers

– 2-3/8″ Height: for standard pavers

– Packaged with securing clips for underneath pavers: alternate side to side or all one side to fit flush with walls

– Concave top: superior drainage and minimizes debris collection

– Ready to Install: includes stabilizing connectors, securing clips and the protective tape

For more information check out Cardinal systems

When you have a pool, splashing is inevitable, and so that water doesn’t pool up on your deck, you need a paver drain. If you’ve never bought this type of drain before, here’s an overview of the basics to help you shop.

What Is a Paver Drain?

Paver drains are designed to sit in your deck, with their tops are flush with your paving stones or concrete. They feature a decorative grate, which water flows through into a channel. Then, the water moves through a series of interconnecting channels until it reaches the storm drain next to your home or any other area that you want the water to drain into.

What Are the Components of a Paver Drain?

A paver drain consists of a series of components. The main paver drain consists of the long channel explained above and a grate that fits on top of it. These come in a variety of lengths, but 10 feet is a popular size. Typically, because you need multiple drains to surround your pool, people order these drains in cases. For instance, if you order a case of eight 10-foot paver drains, you have a total of 80 feet of drains. However, you can also buy single pieces as needed for your project or to replace existing pavers.

There are also 45 and 90-degree fittings. These connect to other paver drains, and they allow you to change the direction that your drains are going. For instance, if you want to create drainage set up around your pool, you need four 90 degree fittings for your corners.

There are also end plugs and caps. They stop the water from going a certain direction. To allow water to drain out of the system, you may want to purchase a few bottoms drain outs. There are also securing clip connectors to keep each paver drain clipped in.

What Should You Consider Before Ordering a Paver Drain?

First, as indicated above, you need to decide where you want to place the drains. Then, you should measure that area and account for any angles so you know exactly what to order.

Before ordering, you should also think about the aesthetics of the paver drains. White, grey, and tan are the most popular colors for the top grates, and these subtle shades match most outdoor decor and landscaping.

To order a paver drain or other supplies for around your pool, contact Frank Wall Enterprises LLC today. We stock the variety you want and the quality you need.

Paver Drain