Koshin Semi Trash Pumps

Koshin Semi Trash pumps are great for pumping water that has some small to medium sized particles in it up to 8 mm. These pumps are great for pumping out swimming pools, ponds, loading docks, and any semi-clean body of water. These pumps have silicon carbide mechanical seals for increased abrasive resistance, longer life and less maintenance. The pump housings are made of die cast aluminum for strength, weight reduction and portability. The cage around the pump has a powder coated steel roll cage. The pumps also have a low oil shut off to prevent burning the pump up. The pumps come with a 2 year limited warranty on engines and pumps. Each semi trash pump offered and its performance are in the chart.

Semi Trash Pump Performance Curves

The performance curve shows each semi trash pump that we offer and how many gallons per minute each pump pumps.

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Koshin Semi-Trash Pumps