What is more beautiful than a glistening pool? One surrounded with beautiful lights. Get all the exciting details about different pool light rings and what light design would suit your inground pool and home the best. Imagine it now, your neighbors gawking at the sparkling glow coming from your magnificently shimmering pool. Add something special to your pool now by adding it lights and a proper pool light ring.


Pool light rings are usually made with plastic or stainless steel. While plastic is great for all types of pools, it is especially important to use with a saltwater pool. Stainless steel will be eaten away by fresh saltwater and is never a good look.

Whatever lighting you decide is best for your pool, a good quality pool light ring is needed for proper upkeep and the safety of your pool lights. Broken or corroded lights can easily be avoided and fixed with a proper pool light ring. Popular brands of lights and pool light rings such as Light Doctor can be found at trusted pool suppliers like Frank Wall Enterprises. A Light Doctor pool light ring is an innovative product that you may not find at other pool stores. A proper pool light ring promises a long life for your lights by giving corrosion protection against the elements.


Installing pool lighting when the pool itself is being installed is a lot less work. Nevertheless, pool lights are still able to be put in after a pool is built and there are more options than you would think.


  • Can be used for underwater lighting and as perimeter lighting
  • Fiber optic cable attached to the lights (brightness of the lights are by how many strands are in the cable)
  • Illuminator box contains a color wheel so lights can change colors


  • Stainless steel face ring with a tempered glass lens
  • Looks similar to a flood light bulb
  • 12V or 120V and can be paired with a variety of wattage (100W-500W)


  • Most energy efficient light with lowest maintenance
  • uses up to 86% less energy than incandescent lighting
  • lasts up to 10X longer than other lighting
  • Available in pure white or a variety of colors
  • Richer, deeper colors than other traditional lights give
  • Portable LED lights available
  • can float in above ground or inground pools
  • place on the grass, table, and even indoors
  • rechargeable battery-powered with remote control
  • UV and water resistant


Learn how to keep your inground pool the prized possession it is meant to be, with expert pool help. Frank Wall Enterprises has over three decades of extensive knowledge with everything pool related. Their skilled team will know exactly what lighting and pool light ring design will look best for your pool. View their inventory here. Contact Frank Wall Enterprises for any details, questions, or to order any pool related product. We’re also just a phone call away! (662) 327-0921.