Do you need to repair a pool light in your above-ground or inground pool? A great time to do this is in the fall before it gets too cold. With the right tools and tips, there is simplicity to pool light repair. Pool lights are as different and plentiful as any normal light fixture or light bulb. There are a plethora of brands, styles, watts, and designs that could fill a home goods store to the ceiling. The most important thing is to know exactly what it is that needs to be changed or repaired.

You may think you need to call a handyman for this. Yet, you can replace or fix swimming pool lights easily with these important steps/tips.

*NOTE: Be extremely cautious. Changing any lightbulb carries a risk of electrical shock, especially when water is involved. If you have any doubts, call a licensed professional.

Niche Pool Light Repair Prep


Some pool experts list this as the second step, as the first is to buy all supplies and tools. Do you know exactly what needs to be fixed without unscrewing a pool light fixture, lens, or light cord? Are you planning on unscrewing anything to check the length, model, wattage, or any type of leak or crack? If so, turn off the electricity!

  • In your pool’s junction box, turn off any circuit breaker switches that control pool lights.
  • Confirm the power is off. (Make sure there is no power running through your circuit.) Do this by flipping the on/off light switch.
  • *Note: For extra protection, you can buy a non-contact voltage tester ($10-$30). Press this device against your light switch as you flip the switch on and off to detect electricity.

This is especially important if you have to jump in the pool to repair or fix whatever it is you are doing with anything regarding your swimming pool.


Put all of your supplies right near where you will be working on a tarp or towel to prevent scratches. You can find the model of the light on the back of its housing. Is the information you need unreadable or not present? Then, check for a parts number and other specs on the lens or face ring.

  • New light bulb out of the package and ready to be installed
  • Replacement gasket (recommended)
  • New screws and/or washers (only if there are signs of corrosion)
  • Phillips-head and flathead screwdrivers
  • Extra towels or cloths
  • *Voltage tester (read the note from step 1)

Swimming Pool Light Repair


*Pay close attention to how this piece is situated on the wall. Replace it the same way you removed it.

  • Remove the screw that keeps the light housing secured to the pool.
  • Using a flathead screwdriver, gently loosen the edges of the housing from its casing.
  • Remove light housing. *There should be enough wire for you to place it on the pool ledge on a dry towel.
  • Gently remove all screws securing the gasket, lens, and pool light ring.
  • Replace any corroded screws.
  • With a dry towel, carefully remove the bulb from its housing.
  • Remove any residue from the old gasket.

*Make sure the pool light housing is completely dry. (Water sometimes leaks in.)

  • Carefully screw a new bulb in. (As with any bulb, do not overtighten it.)
  • Put in the new gasket (around the lens).
  • Secure the face ring and lens back onto the housing.
  • Attach screws back on the ring. (Replace any corroded ones.)
  • Immerse the housing in pool water to test it. A few tiny bubbles are normal.

(A continuous bubble stream around the gasket signals a leak. If this occurs, dissemble and dry off the housing again. Secure a tight seal as you put the screws back on the face ring.)

  • *Option: Test the light before putting the housing back in place. Turn the power on. Flip the light switch on for a couple of seconds. Then, make sure the electricity is turned off again.
  • Place the light’s power cord back as it was in the casing. Secure the housing back to the wall with its screw.
  • Flip the circuit breaker on.


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