Pool lights are one of the most essential pool parts. Step your pool party hosting game up a notch this year with beautiful pool light covers.

Above ground pools and inground pools alike, whatever you have, both deserve attention and spunk. Above or underwater pool light covers can transform your boring, generic white lights into a party with vibrant colors and styles.

Let’s examine some fun ways to create a thrilling pool environment for you, your family, and guests.




Basic colors are available in probably every brand of pool light covers. Yet, before you go crazy and buy every color, think of what would look best in your pool and the surrounding area. The psychology of color is a very in-depth science.

  • Who are you entertaining the most?
  • What are the favorite colors of you and your most common guests?
  • What are the personalities you are entertaining?
  • What type of atmosphere do you want to create (calm or exciting)? *You can definitely have both and switch out pool light covers depending on the occasion.

It’s also fun to think beyond the basic colors of blue, red, green, purple and gold. Millions of hues and color combinations are available. Think big. You can find pool light covers in single color or multi color kits.

Different colors will emanate different levels of brightness. Of course, white light shines the brightest, while blue light will be substantially dimmer. Remember, that the brightest light might not always be best. Again, think about what type of environment you want to create.


Specifically, pool light covers are made of a durable material that can be constantly submerged under chlorinated or saltwater. Plus, they can withstand low and high temperatures (cold and heat).




Make sure that the pool light covers you buy are compatible with your existing light bulbs and light houses. To do this, check the specifications on your pool lights and the housing itself such as circumference.

Essentially, it’s crucial to determine the proper light cover to ensure proper fit on the light housing. Most pool light bulbs have around an 8-inch diameter, while spa light bulbs have about a 4-inch diameter.


If you want different light covers for different days, then this is okay, but make sure it is doable. For example, if you don’t consider yourself a very handy person, buy covers that can be easily snapped onto the pool lights. This way, your light covers can be quickly interchangeable.

Maybe you are set on a specific color scheme or certain hues. (Light blue is a common color to create a relaxing atmosphere.) This allows you to get light covers that don’t simply snap off, if you prefer.

LED Lights

Are you ready to step it up an even bigger notch? Is changing pool light covers just not your thing, at all? Did you know that there are LED lights that can change colors automatically? Most brands run on a remote timer. LED pool light bulbs cost more than incandescent lights but reduce electrical costs, sometimes up to 80%.



Pool light covers are a fun addition to have. Although, remember to also focus on the safety and cleanliness of your pool to make it last.

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