Do pool equipment enclosures seem like a waste of money to you? To many pool owners, swimming pool equipment storage is seen as an unnecessary expense.

Why spend money and time buying or building a pool storage shed when I have room in my regular shed or basement? This is the wrong way to look at protecting your valuable, expensive, and fragile pool gear.

Let’s examine why pool equipment enclosures are an essential investment for both inground or above ground pools.




Do you want your pool chemicals or other delicate pool materials next to items in your shed or basement? Depending on what it is, this could be a volatile disaster waiting to happen.

Is there a chance of food or sticky beverage particles left on your floaties or other toys? It’s important to clean off everything each day and keep your pool area clean. Always put pool activities away in a pool enclosure to avoid attracting rodents nibbling holes into your kid’s (or yours’) favorite pool toys.

Think about your most expensive pool parts: pool filter, heater, pool pump, or pump motor. It is absolutely necessary to hide pool equipment that can crack, break, or become corroded. For example, a pool pump cover or filter enclosure is an investment to protect these expensive parts from the elements. Covering any motors also helps block out any noise.



How nice is it for your guests or children to get what they need for the pool right near them? Instead of having to dry off and trek down to the basement or crawl over other shed stuff, pool equipment enclosures are nearby and handy.

Saving money is nice. Yes, you may have room in your shed or basement. Although, why would you want to jam all of your pool equipment in the same spot as gardening tools or a lawnmower?

How easy would it be to simply walk over to your pool house with a hinged lid and grab what you need. No one wants to poke and prod through the layers of shed stuff on a hot day. Plus, what if something in your shed crushes your pool gear or gets lost in the mix?

*Important Note: Do not use wood pool equipment enclosures unless they are stained, as wood warps.



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