Preparing for pool season should focus on making sure your swimming pool and equipment are safe and clean. A high-quality pool deck trench drain protects surrounding areas from water build-up, decay, mold, and debris.

Have you checked the condition of your trench drains (channel drains), drain grates, and overall drainage for upcoming pool season? The time is now. Whether a home or community swimming pool, pool deck drains are a vital part to an exciting and safe pool environment.



The biggest misconception about a pool drainage system is, why have it when you can just manually sweep away access water? A broom is much less expensive than investing in a drainage system, right?

Take porous pool deck materials like polymer concrete, for example. Many pool owners assume water will simply dry up on the concrete.

Yes, on some very hot, sunny days, excess water might dry up. What about all of the other days? What if it pours? A broom or wet-vac will not be much use on these occasions.

A pool deck trench drain does:

  • Allow for easy cleaning of debris
  • Protect barefoot people from slipping
  • Keep excess water within the nearby pool area and out of walkways, lawns, and other nearby structures
  • Ward off standing water
  • Provide safe activity for people of all ages
  • Redirect rain water (keep it away from pool sheds and other nearby structures or items
  • Protect the overall supporting structure of your pool

A pool deck trench drain doesn’t:

  • Protect your house from water damage and other issues.



All pool drainage system parts need to be chlorine and UV-resistant.

Drain grates

  • The grates themselves are what protect you from slipping into the drain and getting your feet caught.
  • Plastic is very inexpensive, but are slipperier and not as heavy duty as stainless steel or cast-iron grates.
  • Make sure to get ones that have a removable top for easy cleaning.

Drain channels

  • Available in various load and water flow bearings
  • Are you considering stainless steel? This is an extremely durable material, but make sure to ask a professional regarding grounding issues and codes.

Drain covers

  • Covers are available in a number of materials and designs.
  • Check your drain cover weekly for any cracks or sharp edges. Remove any collected falling leaves and debris blocking the cover.

Catch basins

  • Basins catch rainfall or any runoff surface water, debris, and more.



How can the pool experts at Frank Wall Enterprises help you find the right pool deck trench drains for your pool? To start, we will help you calculate runoff based on previous storm patterns to determine the drain capacity you need.

Then, we’ll help determine the appropriate materials you should use for your specific system. Remember, all pools and surrounding areas are different based on a number of factors.

From our professional experience, PCV is the best material for pool deck trench drains. We will be happy to have a conversation to explain why and how we came to this conclusion.

Contact Frank Wall today for information about pool deck drainage products or kits.