Not all pool deck drainage systems are the same. The pool deck drainage system needs to be specific to your swimming pool. Having the right drainage system and drain material for your swimming pool will extend the life of your pool and prevent damage to your pool deck, yard, and home.

Factors to Consider for Pool Deck Drainage Systems

Pool Deck Slope

The slope of your pool deck and drainage field has a big effect on your pool drainage system. Find a drainage system that will allow you to use gravity to its fullest. A good starting point is a ¼ inch grade per foot of drain length.

Pool Deck Slope Direction

Water should always be running away from everything and not toward your patio, yard, house, or walkway. It should especially not run towards your plants or garden that will be harmed or killed by chlorine or standing water. Our pool professionals recommend installing a deck drain that helps to send water from your pool deck or patio to a separate drainage location. For example, a catch basin helps funnel water away from a pool and yard.

Yard Design

If you have an extremely large yard, a professional can connect your pool drainage to a drain field or other system away from your property. This can be an expensive process, but many pool owners decide that this is a smart investment that is worth the money to preserve their yard.

Different Pool Deck Drainage Systems

Slotted Drains

Its name comes from its slotted cover that allows water to run down into the drain through its slots. The drain cover’s slots are small enough, so people (or animals) do not catch their bare feet (or paws). Debris gets caught in these slots, so the drain doesn’t clog up. This kind of drain is long and narrow, making it discrete and visually appealing. You can find it in many shapes and sizes with designs and custom features.

Spot Drains

Spot drains are circular and can be installed directly into pool deck drainage systems. They are popular with very large pool decks that commonly collect water at low points. They are installed similarly to a slot drain. They are connected to a drain piping system beneath a pool deck where water is removed to another location. These are very affordable drains that are also easy on the eyes (nice to look at) and can be bought in various sizes.

French Drains

This type of pool drain is usually inserted into the landscaping near the pool where it filters out water into a wider area or a drain field. French drains are very affordable and are quite easy to install, as well as easily disguisable.

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