A pool deck drain is without a doubt, an invaluable pool part. It’s important to safeguard this investment and keep you and your guests safe. Have you made sure your deck drains and drain system are functioning before a bigger and more costly repair arises?

Find out how to easily make sure that your pool deck drains and entire trench drain system are installed and working properly this pool season.


Deck Drainage System: Signs of Misfunction and What to Do

Standing Water

Are puddles of water quickly accumulating on your pool balcony deck or concrete walkways? Stagnant water attracts mosquitos and is a safety hazard. Shockingly, standing water can also damage your pool. Water that forms in puddles and does not drain becomes contaminated with mold and bacteria, even possibly parasites. Yes, the chlorine in your pool kills bacteria, but it is best to be as safe as possible.


Important Considerations with Installing Pool Deck Drains

There is a right and wrong way to install pool deck drains and trench drain systems. Most importantly, the installation of a deck drain and system is something that should always be left to a professional. It is much more complex than let’s say, replacing pool light covers. Is your pool already built and only after have you realized that your pool deck drain and drainage system are not working properly? Contact the pool experts at Frank Wall for assistance on how to quickly fix this problem.


Signs to Replace/Repair a Pool Deck Drain and/or Drainage System

  • Damaged pipes and grates
  • Incorrect water drainage to your home’s foundation, garden, plants, bushes, trees, or any other place collecting pools of stagnant water


How to Avoid Standing Water Around Your Pool

Did you make sure your pool deck drains and system were functioning properly before pool season started? This isn’t enough to avoid accidents and injuries. Be on the lookout for a build-up of stagnant water every time you are in your pool and after each rain. If you do see this, it is a red flag for clogs in your deck drain or broken drain lines.

Learn more about how to properly drain your pool, with expert advice from the team at Frank Wall.


Pool Deck Drain Help and Advice: Contact Frank Wall

No one wants grime, grit, mud, and other debris making an appearance mucking around your guests’ feet. Your pool deck drain and drainage system play a vital role in the overall functioning of your pool, whether residential or commercial. Safety is the most essential thing around a pool for both kids and adults. Make sure your pool parts are healthy and functioning to avoid accidents such as slips.

Do you need expert advice on making sure your pool deck drain is working at its best? Is it possible you need replacement parts? The team at Frank Wall Enterprises are veterans of the pool industry. PVC and stainless steel are the most popular materials for pool deck drains.

Shop today, or contact Frank Wall for help and advice on your deck drain or other products and parts.