A pool channel drain is also known as a pool deck channel drain, pool deck drain, or pool trench drain. It can’t be emphasized enough how crucial a properly working pool drain and drainage system is to a clean, safe, and functioning pool.

Let’s examine what proper pool drainage is and why your pool water will be suffocating without it.



Pool drains are one of the most vital lifelines of your pool. They:

  • Keep excess water confined to the pool area
  • Provide a safe play area for people of all ages, even with bare feet
  • Collect and keep away rain water from any surrounding structures such as a pool house/shed or other items in the area.
  • Manage all levels of water-flow drainage, even in heavy-vehicular traffic of commercial pool areas
  • Direct water to the drain pipe for it to be released downstream
  • Avoid the creation of lingering or stagnant water that can grow mildew and stain pool decks



Finding an effective and affordable pool channel drain means having the right complete drainage system. A complete pool drainage system includes drain covers, drain grates, and catch basins. All of this will keep your home and pool’s surrounding area clean, safe, and pristine.

Think about foot traffic.

Beautiful pool aesthetics are important, but a safe pool environment should always come first. For example, does your pool deck get a lot of bare foot traffic or a minimal amount? Are there a lot of young children around or mostly adults?

Perforated plastic is less expensive than metal grating and is very safe for children. Also remember that metal is a conductor of (solar) heat. When young kids walk over the grates bare foot, it could be very hot. Overall, PVC is the most popular and best choice for pool drain material.


What are the specifics of your pool? (Think volume, shape, etc.)

  • Pool channel drains and covers come in a variety of fittings, materials, and styles.
  • Large pool decks require a drain that can handle larger volumes of water. (Also think about rain water.)
  • Find grates that are removable for easy pool channel drain cleaning.
  • Grates are available in different load bearings, flow volumes, and materials.
  • You can find pre-sloped grates for easy installation.
  • Consider a pool channel drain with prefabricated corner sections if your drain surrounds the entire pool completely. This will make installation easier.


Think twice before installing a pool channel drain yourself. Some things are best left for a professional.

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