Many homeowners start strong in the fall by buying replacement swimming pool parts early. Although, post-new year, a good amount of people lag on their pool cleaning responsibilities. Pool maintenance has been a proven challenge for homeowners with limited budgets. It’s best to create a checklist and check off the tasks below so your swimming pool will be ready and functional as soon as pool season hits. This will avoid costly and unexpected repairs.


The Importance of Off-Season Pool Parts Maintenance

  • Prevents your pool from getting damaged due to a lack of use
  • Keeps your pool water clean from mold, bugs, corrosion, and stagnant activity
  • Avoids health problems related to unsafe water quality
  • Protects expensive swimming pool parts and equipment from damage
  • Saves on cleaning effort before pool season arrives


Swimming Pool Parts Maintenance Tips

  1. Prevent a Freezing Pool, Pool Parts, and System

Depending on where you live, winter temperatures can dip well below 32° F, which can damage pipes and systems. Drain all the water from your pool pump, heater, and filter. Remove excess water and dry out all systems. If this step is not done, water will accumulate and expand when it freezes, which can crack pipes. During hot weather, the water level drops because water evaporates. Oppositely, in the winter, freezing water can cause cracks. Therefore, reduce your pool’s water level to about one to six inches below the skimmer. It’s not good to drain your pool entirely because this can also cause damage. A good measure is to ensure the water stays below the tiles.

  1. Adding Chemicals

After your final pool season clean, add enzymes to break down and dissolve contaminants that seep in. Also, add chlorine now and then in the springtime to avoid that gross waterline ring.

  1. Safely Store Chemicals, Pool Parts, and Accessories

Pool accessories and equipment should be put in a dry place away from sunlight, which can cause damage.

  1. Make Sure Your Pool Cover is Dry and Fits Tightly

A loose-fitting pool cover invites dirt, debris, bugs, and tiny animals. Tightly cover your pool so that no debris or other nonsense spills in and breeds. More importantly, dry out your pool cover completely, removing any leaves, twigs, dirt, and other debris. After rain, snow, and sleet, water will accumulate on top. If not periodically wiped off, this water will go through cycles of freezing and unfreezing and become stagnant. When you take the cover off for pool season, this stagnant water will pour into the pool.


Other Important Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

  1. Use the Weather as the Precursor for Your Maintenance Plan

Pool cleaning methods will vary depending on where you live. Specifically, you will need to reduce or increase the number of chemicals on how cold it gets. For example, if you get a lot of rain in your area, adding more chemicals is better because the rain dilutes them.

  1. Add Mid-Winter Algaecide

This is different from adding in enzymes and keeps the grimy, slimy green algae away. The algaecide should circulate through your pool pump for at least 24 hours so it is fully incorporated throughout the system. Come springtime, your pool will be algae-free.

  1. Check Your Pool and Pool Parts at Regular Intervals

Once a month check your pool for any leaks, focusing on the water level. For above-ground pools, occasionally check the cover to make sure it’s not falling inside. You can use an air pillow to protect it from weather damage and debris.

  1. Open Your Pool as Early as You Can

The longer your pool is closed, the more algae and bacteria can thrive. Open your pool as early as you can and leave it open as late as you can.


Get Your Pool Parts at Frank Wall

Remember, swimming pool parts maintenance in cold temperatures can avoid future issues with algae and other bacteria build-up, corrosion, and more before the next pool season arrives. Plus, how refreshing will it be to know, come pool season, you don’t dread taking your pool cover off and dealing with the consequences of ill off-season pool parts maintenance. Start your pool season prep even when it’s still chilly to save extra cleaning work.

Follow these easy swimming pool and pool parts maintenance tips. For new and replacement pool parts, you can shop now to save time and stress come spring.

Contact Frank Wall Enterprises for any questions regarding specific pool parts and accessories for residential and commercial swimming pools.