Light Doctor – Pool Light Repair

Keeping the lights in your pool safe and in good working condition is an ongoing responsibility. At Frank Wall Enterprises, we understand that broken and corroded lights are a common problem that can affect the safety and performance of your pool. We are happy to let you know that we carry pool lights from Light Doctor than easily solve these issues. Light Doctor offers innovative products that you won’t find from any other manufacturer of pool parts.


We chose to partner with Light Doctor because the company has created underwater lights that offer excellent long-term performance. The discs and screw tabs fit into sealing rings made for vinyl liner pools and are resistant to normal corrosion from continuous exposure to water. This means your underwater pool lights last for a longer time before you need to consider replacing them and they will break far less frequently thanks to the strong reinforcement from the discs and screw tabs.



To place the new light fixture from Light Doctor in your pool, remove the existing light fixture and place it off to the side. You should then remove two or three screws from the bottom or top of the seal ring depending on the area of damage. For the last step, place the new light fixture over the seal ring and use the pan-head screws that came with it to secure it to the sealing ring.

The disc product from Light Doctor is made from a durable material called Lexan and will permanently enclose lights in your vinyl liner pool. It easily replaces the old Pentair lights and 10-hole lights from American.


Frank Wall has worked in the swimming pool industry for more than 30 years. He is extremely knowledgeable about keeping pools safe and in good working order. Frank takes great pride in searching for innovative solutions for his customers that competitors haven’t even considered yet. This is how he formed a partnership with Light Doctor and came to offer his customers pool light repair parts that fight the frustrating problem of corrosion and frequent breakage of underwater lights. He maintains an open invitation with inventors of pool parts and adds the best and most innovative products to his catalog as quickly as possible.

Frank puts his complete confidence in Light Doctor products as he knows the inventors of these products very well. He is pleased to operate the only pool equipment business that carries these new and technologically advanced light fixtures and discs. With these Light Doctor products installed, you won’t have to worry about the problem of concrete swelling or leaky light fixtures. It is Frank’s goal to reduce maintenance time for customers so they can spend more time enjoying their pools.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Frank Wall Enterprises toll-free at 800-488-0146 or locally at 662-327-0921 with additional questions about these or any other pool products that we carry.