Here at Frank Wall Enterprises we are proud to sell the Light Doctor brand of pool light rings. In our expert opinion, these are the best option on the market. Here are a few of the reasons we love to use these pool light rings in all the jobs we complete.

Developed by Experts

Before becoming a sales man, Frank Wall was also a pool builder. After 20 years in the business, I think it’s safe to say we know our stuff. That’s why we appreciate working with other pool experts. Drew White is the man that developed The Light Doctor and he’s from Water Works Pools & Spas in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Because he’s worked in the industry, he knows exactly what other pool builders need in order to do their job correctly, so he’s designed it for us.

Long-Term Performance

Because they are constantly exposed to water, pool light rings will corrode over time. Light Doctor pool light rings are resistant to the normal level of corrosion so they will last you a much longer time than some other brands. This is also thanks to the stainless steel that is used in the screw tabs.


The discs and screw tabs are made from stainless steel so they provide a strong reinforcement. This means the pool light ring will not break as frequently as other brands you may have been using in the past.

They are also made from a material called Lexan which is more durable and therefore longer lasting than other materials. It resists corrosion and breaking so you don’t have to change the light as often.

Pan Head Screws

With each Light Doctor pool light ring purchase, we include the pan head screws you need to securely fasten the tabs to the ring. Why we prefer pan head screws over the more traditional counter sunk screws is that the pan head screws sit flush with the Light Doctor attachment instead of sticking out like counter sunk screws. Using counter sunk screws would give you a sharp edge that could accidentally harm someone in the pool.


The Light Doctor makes products for a variety of different light fixtures so you’re always able to find just the one you need. This includes the standard 10 hole, the older (pre 1980) 8 hole, and a 6 hole for spotlight or court halogen lights. They even have a solution for Hayward lights. This involves the metal piece latching into place over the screw tab holes and then you tighten screws over it. When it’s time to replace the light bulb, you just loosen up the screws, lift the latch of the metal piece, and remove the ring. They have also created a solution for the Pentair quick niche which has a different hole pattern than the traditional 10 hole seal ring.

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