An inground pool or other water filled structure can be a work of art. Therefore, the upkeep, just like any masterpiece, takes time and money. Having the right tools, like Koshin trash pumps to properly maintain your work of art, will make your life much easier. Learn exactly what a trash pump is and why you need to buy a Koshin trash pump now as part of your home maintenance.


A trash pump is used to clean an inground pool or other body of water. First, it sucks in the dirty water through a high-pressure engine and separates the contaminants. Then, the clean water is put back into the structure and the dirty water is ejected. Above ground pools require different maintenance than an inground pool does. As such, the type of pool pump you use for an above ground or small pool would not be best to maintain one that is inground and larger. Depending on the size of your pool (how many gallons of water), or other water structure, you will want the best quality pump for optimal upkeep.

With smaller pools, a simple automatic pool pump can do the job. While an automatic pump uses less energy (less electricity), it can take a couple of days to fully clean a pool or other edifice. On the other hand, a trash pump is powered by a gasoline motor. While it uses more energy as opposed to other types of pumps, it cleans in record time. Trash pumps are ideal for pumping water with small to medium sized particles up to 8 mm for swimming pools, ponds, loading docks, and any semi-clean body of water.


With a silicon carbide mechanical seal for increased abrasive resistance, Koshin trash pumps have a longer life and less maintenance compared to an automatic pool pump. Its strength comes from the die cast aluminum pump housings, allowing for weight reduction and portability. The pump has a powder coated steel roll cage. To highlight, Koshin trash pumps also have a low oil shut off to prevent burning the pump up. Most importantly, a Koshin trash pump removes up to 30% suspended solids with its Honda engine.

Without a doubt, Koshin trash pumps do a quicker clean-up than an ordinary automatic pump. Let’s take a look at exactly why a Koshin trash pump is exactly what you need. Every Koshin engine, pump and parts comes with a 2-year limited warranty.


Automatic 1.5-inch Pool PumpAutomatic 2-inch Pool Pump2-inch Koshin Trash Pump3-inch Koshin Trash Pump
Pumps 42 gallons of water/minutePumps 73 gallons of water/minutePumps 165 gallons of water/minutePumps 313 gallons of water/minute
Garden hose and extension cord neededGarden hose and extension cord neededNo garden hose or extension cord neededNo garden hose or extension cord needed



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