Koshin Pumps Buying Guide

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Koshin Pumps Buying Guide

Choosing the right pump for your pool is not always easy. You know that the pump is an essential component to keep the swimming pool water fresh and continually flowing. At Frank Wall Enterprises, we are pleased to recommend Koshin pumps to our customers. The Koshin brand dates to 1948 in Japan and 1984 in the United States. The brand is so highly regarded that owners of residential and commercial pools use its pumps in 160 countries.

Types of Koshin Pumps

Koshin manufactures many different types of pumps for your swimming pool needs. Below is a list of some of the most popular types that we sell here at Frank Wall Enterprises:

Centrifugal pumps: This product offers a long operating life as well as construction from cast iron and die cast aluminum. They will self-prime to a distance of 26 feet. Your centrifugal pump comes with a low oil shut off feature and a Honda engine.

Diaphragm pump: This pump is ideal for keeping sludge and gravel out of your pool’s water. Since it was manufactured to run dry, you can easily install it in areas of low seepage. Depending on the specific model, the diaphragm pump can process 50 to 80 gallons of water per minute.

High pressure pump: A high pressure pump is an excellent choice when you need to push water for a long distance. These Koshin pumps can also be used for other applications such as providing power for sprinkling systems.

Semi-trash pump: This pump is a great choice when you need to pump water that might contain particles up to eight millimeters. Some of the prominent features of the semi-trash pump include low maintenance, long lifespan, and seals made from silicon carbide to provide greater resistance to abrasives.

Submersible pump: As one of our smaller Koshin pumps, the submersible pump is lightweight and compact enough to carry with ease. It provides chemical cleaning of your pool and wear resistance three times stronger than that of cast iron. It also includes a 20-foot power cord for greater ease of use.

Submersible trash pump: This is the best selling of our Koshin pumps. It allows you to keep the water in your swimming pool at a low depth as well as drain your swimming pool when you need to clean it. The submersible trash pump also helps to eliminate debris that should not be in the pool such as sticks, dirt, and leaves.

Trailer mounted pump: This is the ideal choice of Koshin pumps if your pool creates a large volume flow. Some of its features include cast aluminum with stainless steel parts and cast iron, low oil handling alert, DOT trailer, and tools to include a hex wrench set with an open end.

Trash pump: This unit can pump over 21,000 GPM, which allows you to drain your pool when you need to. Contractors love these Koshin pumps because they keep the dirt and sludge out and the clean water in where it belongs.

These are just brief descriptions of our various Koshin pumps. Feel free to contact Frank Wall Enterprises to learn more about a specific product or about other products that we carry.