Sun-sparkling, cool, clear water to dunk your body in on a hot day, right in your own backyard. What could be better? The right swimming pool parts will create the perfect pool showdown every year at your home. For many, the dream of having a swimming pool is a reality. Although, a lot of pool owners don’t have the essential pool supplies to create a magical pool experience. Similarly, some people don’t do the proper maintenance on their pool and it deteriorates quicker than it should. Learn the must-have pool equipment from a pool expert for above ground or inground pools year-round.



Here we have the essential of the essentials. A pool pump circulates the flow of water. Therefore, chemicals such as chlorine are continuously and evenly distributed throughout the pool volume. Plus, the water is sanitized properly. Moreover, a pool pump flows the water to the filter system, heater, and chlorinator. Then, the filter keeps out debris and other particles from entering your pool. Bugs, dirt, leaves, stones, and other unwanted guests are minimized. Koshin is a top brand for pool pump parts.




Why would you ever leave your pool to defend itself against the elements? Especially in the fall and winter, by itself? A cover will absolutely keep your pool from deteriorating. For people who live in tropical climates, snakes and gators can find their way into your property. Cover that pool!

Solar covers are a great investment. To start, they keep your pool water warm naturally from the sun’s energy. Even better, you save money.


Have you ever seen that robotic pool machine that moves around on the pool floor? They are not just to look at and giggle. This little machine gets all of the crud and tiny soot that gets past the filter and settles on your pristine pool bottom. Another handy tool is a pool leaf skimmer. There’s nothing more therapeutic than swishing a big wand with a net on the surface of your pool. This gets leaves, bugs, or other natural elements that fall into your pool from above.


If you decide to opt out on a solar cover, a heater is a must. Water does not magically warm up by itself. Not every summer day will be sweltering, and what’s more fun than swimming at night in a heated pool?


You may not think this is necessary, but it very well is. Not just for young kids, a ladder is essential for safety and convenience. Make sure to get one that can stay put. A pool accident waiting to happen is a pool ladder flailing around.


How will you have fun pool nights without light? Check out the pool expert Frank Wall’s post on the importance of good pool lighting.


Never underestimate the power of a good quality noodle or floatie. Think popsicle, unicorn, or pineapple, OH MY!



Above ground pools can be equally as beautiful as an inground pool. The same swimming pool parts are vital for its upkeep. Always have a high-quality pool pump, filter, cover, cleaner, and ladder. Of course, don’t forget the floaties.



With the pool experts from Frank Wall, you’ll have everything you need to make your pool last a lifetime. They have over three decades of extensive knowledge with everything pool related. Their skilled team can find the best swimming pool parts and replacement parts for your pool. Shop inventory here. Contact Frank Wall Enterprises for any details or questions about a specific manufacturer or pool-related product.  We’re just a phone call away! (662) 327-0921.