Proper care and maintenance of your pool deck drainage system allow for a safe and stress-free pool season. It is vital to take care of the things you invest in for your home and your family. Your car, HVAC system, swimming pool, and your home itself all need maintenance, so they don’t fall apart in disarray and cost you expensive unpredicted emergency repairs.

Making sure the area around your pool is safe, as well as the water, drainage system, and other parts prevents injuries and protects the health of everyone in your pool. Severe damage can occur in any part of the surrounding pool area as well as your yard if your drainage system is not working.

A Pool Deck Drainage System Prevents Contaminated Water

Chlorine is added to pool water to kill off germs that cause salmonella, E. coli, and other viruses. It also prevents algae and other microbial build-ups. Thanks to chlorine, pool water remains clear and there is no stress on the filtration system. Although, snowmelt, rainwater, or runoff from your garden, gutters, or other sources can put stress on your pool’s filtration system. It is not filtered and contains debris, bacteria, soil phosphates, and more that can clog the pool’s filter.

A pool deck drainage system diverts water runoff from the surface and around a swimming pool to a channel. This prevents the growth of algae, bacteria build-up, and other problems with runoff water from the elements.

Your Garden and Yard Stay Protected

Chlorinated water can throw off soil’s natural pH levels harming grass, flowers, plants, and the food you eat from your garden. Everything that grows in your soil can turn dry, weak, and even die. Eventually, soil can completely erode and become unusable.

Since a deck drainage system catches water, your soil and everything it produces will be healthy.

A Deck Drainage System Protects Your Deck

It is common for pool water to splash on the surrounding concrete or deck and landscaping.

Chlorinated water slowly spreads algae on concrete, eroding it and creating cracks. It also eats away at wood causing it to mold and rot. A pool deck drainage system catches the pool water that falls and diverts it into the drain’s channel.

Avoid Slips and Falls

Standing stagnant puddles of pool water are a safety hazard; this creates a slippery surface where people of all ages can easily fall and get injured. A pool deck drainage system collects pool water so your pool deck is dry and safe.

Protect Your Pool Deck Drainage System

A swimming pool is a great addition to any home. It provides endless entertainment and increases the value of your property if you decide to sell your house. Yet, a swimming pool requires year-round care and upkeep, such as repairing or replacing the drainage system. The next time you slack on a repair for your pool deck drainage system, think twice, as it is an important part of your swimming pool. For simple maintenance and cleaning, follow our step-by-step easy drainage system cleaning guide. When it comes to serious deck drain repairs, count on a professional.

To help you decide what drainage system is best for your swimming pool and what size is best, count on Frank Wall.

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