Blue Gator ground protection mats are famous for being top-of-the-line ground protection mats designed to make industrial-level and construction projects go smoothly. Although, due to the high focus of these mats for commercial use, their ability to provide unmatched protection for residential turf protection goes unmatched.

Let’s examine the importance of having Blue Gator mats above other brands for installing a residential pool or for covering your surrounding residential pool area.

Ground Protection Mats are the #1 Residential and Commercial Construction turf protection necessity

Turf and Grass Protection

If you are constructing a pool, laying down ground protection mats protects your precious green grass, even if it’s fake. Imagine hauling pool parts to and from work equipment and accidentally dropping something on a customer’s (or your own) lawn. Blue Gator mats are there to avoid the aftermath of this. They can carry the weight of construction equip[ment and prevent grass from getting trampled on or torn up.

These are also great for commercial construction in keeping equipment from getting stuck.

When it comes to covering your grass or backyard deck and pool area with these ground protection mats, talk about ultimate slip protection. This is exactly what you need to prevent a nasty head injury if someone slips and falls.

Temporary Roadways and Permanent Walkways

Put ground protection mats over muddy, grainy, and marshy terrain to give work vehicles traction for installing a new pool. This also prevents vehicles from sinking into the mud or sand and getting stuck. DuraDeck mats create temporary roadways for vehicles, trucks, and equipment. In a residential setting, ground protection mats are great for pool area walkways with a lot of grips on the bottom.

Blue Gator Mats: The Ultimate Ground Protection Mats

Range of sizes

  • 4 feet by 8 feet
  • 3 feet by 8 feet

Highest Quality Materials

  • Super-strong, high-density polyethylene plastic (HDPE)
  • Solid sheet of molded HDPE
  • Manufactured to the highest standard; no weak spots to break, chip, or separate
  • Extra strength and extra resistance compared to other brands with hallow or laminated systems, not made of a single piece of material
  • Manufactured in the U.S.


Connect Blue Gator mats easily for residential pool area walkways with two bolt and four bolt steel connectors. A cohesive, durable path is creative for ultimate safety and accessibility.

Buy Blue Gator Ground Protection Mats from Frank Wall Enterprises

Here at Frank Wall Enterprises, our experience includes that of professional pool builders. We know firsthand how important, but also how challenging, it can be to get quality products to install a pool and for a surrounding pool and deck area.

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