freshwater_vs_saltwater_swimming_pool.If you get to decide between a freshwater or saltwater swimming pool for your property, life is pretty great. While salt water pools sound exciting, they are not for everyone.

Let’s look at these two types of pools side by side in terms of what they need (maintenance), cost, and other factors. This will help you determine the advantages and disadvantages of each.


FactorSaltwater PoolsFreshwater Pools
Above ground availability
Inground availability
Freeze if left filled in winter
Needs a filtration system
Chlorine to purify the water 

Considerably less than freshwater


Sometimes contain too much chlorine.

Detectible odor of chlorine 
Pool maintenanceLittleFrequently
Installation cost$$-$$$$-$$
Upkeep cost$$-$$$
Pool Cover



  • Salt cells will not function (work or be active) below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The salt cell is installed between the filter and the pool.
  • Salt water systems do not use chlorine tablets. Instead, a salt chlorine generator converts the salt into active chlorine.
  • Ocean water is much saltier than salt pool water. You cannot float or taste the salt.
  • Salt systems are better for you because of the lower chlorine content.
  • Steel or aluminum above ground pools cannot use salt systems, as it will corrode the pool and eventually destroy it. A resin pool or a vinyl liner are both great for a salt water system.
  • Salt water pools need much less maintenance than a chlorine pool, but the installation costs much more.


  • Fresh swimming pool water tastes like chemicals.
  • Chlorine pools are not as healthy as saltwater swimming pools because of the reduction in chlorine exposure. High chlorine exposure leads to a greater cancer risk, eye and skin irritation, and can damage hair and clothing.
  • Chlorine pools require considerably more maintenance than salt water pools.
  • While the installation of a salt water pool is much more expensive, upkeep on a chlorine pool can be much higher.
  • Fresh water pool systems can be used with any type of material (stone, glass, metal, aluminum).
  • Many times, community or hotel chlorine pools will be overly chlorinated to avoid germs and other build-up.


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