Temperatures are heating up, and summer is just around the corner. You’re probably ready for the warmer temps, but is your pool? To make sure your pool has everything in place for summer, check out these essential tips.

1. Do a Safety Check

Before filling your pool for the summer season, do a safety check. Make sure gates leading to the pool area are working and latching properly. Eliminate anything that could allow children to climb over your fence and gain access to your pool area. Check out sidewalks around the pool for tripping or falling hazards. If you have an automatic pool cover, make sure the seal is tight and the motor works correctly.

2. Check Pump Seals

Ideally, you should run all your motorized pool equipment and make sure it sounds quiet and steady. In particular, you should look at your pump. Most pumps last about seven years, but that can vary based on usage and the cleanliness of the pump. To keep your pump last longer, check the seals at the beginning of the season and replace them as needed.

3. Look for Leaks

Leaks can cause you to waste a lot of water over the swimming season, and that can drive up your utility bill. Take some time before summer starts to identify and repair leaks. If your pool is drained for the season, wet spots on the floor of the pool usually indicate leaks.

If you keep water in your pool year round, you can test for leaks by marking the water level and checking it in a few hours. Try to do this on a cool, clear day. If it’s very hot or windy, you may be losing water from evaporation rather than leaks.

4. Assess Slides, Diving Boards, and Other Accessories

Look at the slides, diving boards, handrails, climbing walls, and any other accessories around your pool. Make sure they are safely anchored in place. Then, repair and replace these items as needed.

5. Test Your Chemistry

When you fill the pool with water, you need to make sure your water has the right chemistry. You can hire a pool professional to do this, or you can play with the levels on your own. Check the pH levels and look at dissolved solids such as calcium or minerals. If you have a salt chlorinated pool, you may need to add more salt.

6. Upgrade Pool Style and Landscaping

Prepping your pool for summer doesn’t have to be all work and no play. You may want to take advantage of this time to upgrade the style of your pool area. You can hire someone to acid wash the concrete in or around your pool to change the color or add designs. Additionally, you may want to talk with a landscaper to put in new plants, paving stones, or other decorative elements around your pool.

At Frank Wall Enterprises, we have the supplies you need to build new pools, repair existing pools, and prepare your pool for the summer. We work with homeowners as well as with professional pool builders. Check out our online catalog, or contact us directly with questions and concerns.