Unsightly ruts at a worksite are more than just an eyesore; they are potential pollutants and a huge landscaping problem. It may be time to consider using a Duradeck Mat as your primary ground protection mat for worksites.

There are many matting system choices on the market that say they protect the ground of a worksite, but in reality, most of those solutions have unpredictable results when it comes to ground protection. Traditional solutions have trouble protecting all surfaces, and the performance of the mat depends largely on the terrain as well. Learn why Duradeck is the best.

What is a Duradeck Mat?

Duradeck is a special kind of composite that is known to be highly durable and portable. Specifically, Duradeck is made of high density polyethylene post-industrial recycled plastic with UV inhibitors added. The Duradeck Mat is a matting system made entirely of Duradeck, creating a ground cover that can be used on any construction site.

What are the features of a Duradeck Mat?

  • Lightweight – Duradeck is lightweight when compared to traditional ground protection mats. This means more of it can be transported under the same load limitations, giving the end user more material to work with on site.
  • Highly durable – Even though Duradeck is more lightweight than other options on the market, it loses none of the durability of these other choices. The rugged nature of the Duradeck material makes it a great choice for a wider variety of surfaces, including soft surfaces that other matting systems have trouble protecting.
  • Flexible – Duradeck is more flexible than plywood boards and fiberglass. Duradeck contours itself more closely to the ground that it is protecting, ensuring that it does not break under the weight of extremely heavy machinery. Because of this trait, Duradeck can be used for pedestrian pathways over terrain that is otherwise impassable.
  • 100% recyclable – Duradeck is made of 90% post consumer recycled content. It can be fully recycled as well, unlike its competitors.

What are the benefits of purchasing a Duradeck mat?

  • Lower cost – Because you can take more Duradeck with you under the same load, you pay less for the material. This is especially true if you have a large surface area to cover.
  • Environmentally sound – When heavy vehicles roll over traditional matting solutions, breakage and runoff create pollutants that are not created with Duradeck.
  • Long term use – Duradeck can be used more often and for longer periods of time than traditional matting systems. This saves money in the short term and in the long term.
  • They can be resold – If you only need Duradeck for a few projects/one project, you can resell it after you use it. This is generally not true for hard core and membrane systems.

Rely on Duradeck Mats for Ground Protection

Frank Wall Enterprises is your one stop shop for ground protection mats. We specialize in providing key construction materials that may not be found in traditional construction stores, and highly recommend Duradeck as a ground protection mat for your next project. Contact us to discuss the benefits of using Duradeck and  learn more about our products.