Ground protection mats can be essential to your pool project. DuraDeck mats in particular are lightweight, versatile, and strong. When ordering your mats, you should opt for the quality associated with DuraDeck, and you deserve to work with the best supplier which we believe is us. Here’s a look at just some of the reasons you should order your DuraDeck ground protection mats from Frank Wall Enterprises.


Quality Brand

DuraDeck has been making ground protection mats since 1974. The company specializes in mats that are reliable and long lasting. When you invest in quality mats, you don’t have to worry about replacing them as often, and you can rest assured that the mats will keep water out of areas where you don’t want it. The company also makes a range of other waterproofing solutions and deck products such as vinyl decking, deck railings, and tile underlayments.


Stylish Options

Additionally, DuraDeck is also focused on style as well as function. This brand helps you to elevate your outdoor living space. Your guests will love the color and style surrounding your pool, and you’ll love the functionality. In fact, this brand is so popular that in the last 40-plus years, there have been over 150 million square feet of these ground protection mats installed in over half a million projects.


Wide Range of Inventory

Whether you’re looking for ground protection mats or any other type of pool construction supply, you may be wondering why you should shop at Frank Wall Enterprises. The reasons are relatively simple. We stock all the products you need to create a beautiful, functional pool. That includes a wide range of specialty, landscape, and hard-to-find products such as pumps and hoses, mats, concrete construction products, pool products, AquaForms pool forms, Quaker drain products, pool wall boards, Clear Engineering pumps, and more. When choosing inventory for our catalog, we also focus on the top brands so our clients can have the best quality products. That includes DuraDeck, Flexiform, Koshin Pumps, and Light Doctor.


Easy to Shop

We make shopping for your business easy. You can order over the phone, over fax, or by emailing us. Just choose the best option for your business and your schedule. We can offer quality, personalized services to pool contracting businesses of all sizes, but we also offer wholesale prices to distributors and dealers. To get these special rates, simply call us and make sure you have your tax ID number on hand. Most importantly, we offer fast shipping for ground protection mats and other products to anywhere in the USA. If you want to avoid project delays, order from us. We also accept a range of payment methods including credit cards and PayPal.


Focused on Innovation

When we choose products to sell at Frank Wall Enterprises, we don’t just continuously focus on the same products. Instead, we constantly look for the most innovative options, and we’re always trying to find the best quality products for our clients. If you have questions about our pool construction products, we’re happy to provide you with more information. Simply call our number and talk with one of our knowledgeable reps. That same focus on innovation is mirrored by DuraDeck as well as the manufacturers of the other products we stock.


Experience in Your Industry

Some companies that sell pool supplies only know that side of the trade. At Frank Wall Enterprises, we have experience on both sides of the equation. Before starting this company, our founder, Frank Wall, worked in the pool construction industry for 30 years. He knows how important it is to have the tools and supplies you need to create a beautiful pool whether you’re a professional or a homeowner, but he also understands that sometimes that can be challenging. In 2007, he quit working in construction and took on this role of providing quality supplies to pool builders and homeowners. He also personally evaluates every product before selling it so you can rest assured that you’re getting quality whether you buy DuraDeck or another brand.


To order ground protection mats or any other products, look through our online catalog or contact us today. At Frank Wall Enterprises, we want to make sure your pool is as beautiful as possible.