In many cases, underground swimming pool leaks can demand an extensive amount of time and money to repair. You may need to hire a professional to dig up the damaged pipes, perform the repairs and complete the reinstall. The entire process could decimate your swimming pool maintenance and repair budget for the year or longer. Thankfully, you can utilize the innovative Frankenplug by Pool Pal to repair underground leaks and restore the function of your swimming pool.


Types of Leaks Fixed with Frankenplug

Frankenplug can effectively repair leaks in excessively worn or damaged 1 ½-inch pipes and fittings situated deep underground. Leaks in these pipes and fittings typically occur at the threads, which is the ideal repair situation for the Frankenplug system. This device must fit snugly into the pipe or fitting opening to effectively seal the damaged area and stop the leak. When you have the device securely installed, it will keep the water inside the system rather than allowing it to leak out into the soil around your swimming pool.


Simple Frankenplug Repair Procedure

The beauty of the Frankenplug lies in its simplicity of use and function. This innovative device simply slides into the underground pipe or fitting from the inside of the pool wall. Upon tightening down the locking nut, the Frankenplug effectively seals up the leak to prevent water from dripping or pouring out. This entire leak repair process takes less than one minute to complete from start to finish. This long-term repair solution will hold back leaks from that pipe or fitting well into the future, so you can continue to enjoy your pool.


Swimming Pools Require Timely Repairs

Without timely repairs, the damaged pipes and fittings could continue to leak water into the ground around your pool, causing the soil to wash away and worsening the damage. Furthermore, the leaking water could end up costing you an immense amount of money in utility bills and future repair costs. You can keep your swimming pool in great condition by resolving minor leaks with the Frankenplug system. Upon installing the device, you can rest assured that your pool will cease leaking water into the surrounding land.

If you were to elect to perform the full underground pipe replacement process, you could end up spending your entire swimming pool repair budget on this single task. In addition, the pipe replacement process could take months to complete rather than just a minute or less.


Complete Your DIY Swimming Pool Repairs Today

To keep your swimming pool in excellent condition year after year, always promptly respond to the first sign of a leak. If you notice that the leaking water comes through a damaged area in an underground pipe or fitting, save yourself from extraordinarily expensive and time-consuming repairs by harnessing the power of the Frankenplug system. You can acquire a Frankenplug and other DIY swimming pool repair parts from our shop.