If you find yourself searching for a new pool deck drain, chances are you have also searched for YouTube videos to gauge the possibility of doing the project yourself. The concerns surrounding the anticipated time and money it would take to hire a professional to come out and properly lay a deck drain are only amplified when you start to consider doing it on your own. It sounds so easy, and the people in the video sure look like they know what they’re doing, but is it worth the risk?

Before you dive into a DIY deck drain installation project, consider the risks and other factors that come with opting to forgo professional installation. Spending a little extra dough to ensure the job is done right could mean the difference in facing thousands of dollars in repairs down the road.

#1: Standing Water is Bacteria’s Playground

An inground pool requires a properly installed deck drain in order to performing cleaning cycles and eliminate any potential threat of standing water. Keeping water flowing is critical in avoiding any parasites or insects making a home in your pool, as standing water is a prime spot for bugs like mosquitos to lay eggs.

If you opt to install your own deck drain and end up with standing water, soon enough you’ll have to request use of the pool from the mosquitos themselves after they take over! A poorly installed deck drain could also cause your pool to be unable to self-clean, leaving you with all sorts of debris to remove and bacteria in the standing water, likely resulting in having to drain and deep clean the pool.

#2: Issues with Landscaping

A well-designed pool and drainage system means your landscaping will always be protected from spillover. While a splash out of the pool may seem okay here and there, improperly installed deck drains will only amplify this spillage, resulting in an overwatering of your nearby landscape.

Some water on the lawn is okay when the soil is hot and dry, but the problems comes when the land is already saturated with water either due to the weather or sprinklers – adding to this can cause plants to drown, critical soil to be washed away and even allow dirty water to flow back into the pool.

#3: Direction of Drainage

Another reason to avoid a DIY deck drainage system and leave it to the professionals is the potential for misaligned drainage. It’s very important that your pool deck drain – once properly installed – drains to the right spot.

Unless you survey the land, take into consideration the slope of the ground as well as the structure and design of your pool, it will be hard to determine exactly where the deck drain will lead. Ideally, your excess pool water should drain into an area of the yard that can absorb it quickly – like areas with rocks, soil or other sediment. As we mentioned above, simply relying on a patch of grass and soil as a place to steer your drain will only result in a damaged lawn.

Trust the Professionals to Properly Install Your New Deck Drain

Whether you’ve had a pool for years or your installing one brand new, it’s important to be realistic about installing your own deck drain. Even replacing an old and worn out drain improperly can spell disaster for your pool – and with the hot summer days already upon us, now is not a good time to be without your mid-afternoon swim.

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