Imagine this: you’re at your pool on a sunny day with a few guests. Everyone is relaxed and smiling. You’re walking around and squish! You look down to see your deck drains aren’t working properly and you just stepped in grit and grime. Ewe. Embarrassing, huh? This is a slip hazard waiting to happen.

Pool decks with effective drainage systems guarantee that pool water remains clean. Most importantly, it safeguards the pool area (concrete, yard, deck, and any landscaping) and pool water from bacteria, debris, mold, and algae growth. Especially chlorine, gutter water, rainwater, or melted snow can take its toll on grass and gardens, soil, even concrete, wood, and stone. Deck material can get bleached or disintegrate. Flowers can die.

There are easy solutions for a proper drainage system of an inground pool. To avoid muck, messiness, and odor, this pool problem needs to be taken care of sooner rather than later. Why? If you wait long enough to fix the problem, a complete drain of your pool will only fix the problem. Stressful, expensive, time-consuming No one needs that.

With professional advice from pool experts, you’ll never be known as the neighbor with the slimy water puddles around the pool! Just remember, that however you decide to fix or build your drainage system, it is a job for a professional.


Build a deck with a slight slope.

If you have the money to do so with an inground pool already built, redesign the landscape surrounding your pool. This allows water to trickle and flow away from the pool. On the other hand, if you are in the process of having a pool constructed, a sloped design is best. Options and availability for this will be based on the layout of the surrounding area, and/or the type of deck you have.

Do yourself a favor, and buy Quaker Drains for your pool.

Quaker Deck Drains come ready to be installed and are made of super durable PCV. Unlike many manufacturers who only sell multiple drains, Frank Wall Enterprises sells you a single drain if this is all you need.

Always have a drain cover.

This should be a no-brainer. Although, what if there is a crack in your drain cover? Would you decide it would be better to just take it off than leave it? Definitely not. There are many hazards to not having a pool deck drain. This is another slip hazard in the mix. Someone could get seriously injured if their toe, heel, or other body part got stuck in this.



Frank Wall Enterprises knows everything about pool deck drains and drainage systems. A part of the pool industry for over 30 years, Frank Wall Enterprises has you covered for everything pool related.

Before attempting to install deck drains yourself, contact their team to talk about products and solutions right for your pool. From stainless steel deck drains to trench drain systems, Frank Wall Enterprises knows what will be best for your property.