Koshin is the king of pool pump brands, and yes, your pool will be the king of pools with one. Every type of Koshin pump is top quality and essential for a long life of any swimming pool. A high-quality pool pump means less stress and work for you. Why? Efficiently circulated water allows for chemicals such as chlorine to continuously and evenly distribute throughout the pool. Plus, a pool pump flows the water to the filter system, heater, and chlorinator. Therefore, clear water is properly sanitized water and safe.

Let’s take a look at which Koshin pump would be for right your pool. Space, size, and the power of your pool are what you need to focus on in terms of submersible pumps. Here is why.


  1. POWER (Pressure of water)

A pool pump circulates the flow of water. The water in any pool to needs to be completely circulated every 4-6 hours daily. The more horsepower your pump has (how strong the engine is), means you can run the pump less frequently. In other words, for larger pools, a pump with a high-powered engine is great because the water is filtered in and out faster. Although, the size of your pool filter is equally important and should always be taken into consideration. A small filter can be overwhelmed paired with a pump with extremely high horsepower and end up wasting energy.

  1. POOL SIZE (Volume)

Some pool pumps are interchangeable, meaning they can work for an inground or above ground pool. Although, the highest quality pumps will be made specifically for the type of pool you have. Remember, above ground pools are made of different materials than an inground pool is. Find a pool pump that is suitable to the size and strength of its walls. There is nothing worse than getting a pump that is too powerful for the volume of your pool and then damages it. Don’t get a pump that is too big for the gallon volume of the water.

  1. SPACE (Surrounding area)

Think about the area surrounding your pool. Is this an area kids play in? Do you have pets that roam around? Is there a pool house and equipment enclosed or away from damage or a garden? How much space is available for a pump? Are you planning on adding anything else to the area? Pool pumps can be quite large. Therefore, a small or medium sized pump would suite best for indoor pools or small yards. If you decide that a larger pump is better, something else in the area needs to be compromised.


Are you looking to install an industrial pool pump for a community area? Do you have an extremely large and deep pool on your property? Koshin heavy duty trash pumps are pressure pumps with a longer life that go above and beyond your average pool pump. Their more durable construction makes for a perfect fit for commercial sized pools.

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Sold in 160 countries worldwide, Koshin is the top commercial brand for industrial and residential water pumps and hoses, parts, and other related products. Koshin America has built their business on quality.

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