Ground protection mats are useful tools for construction projects, most often used as ground protection when repairing concrete or building new property. However, there are a number of more specific uses for the mats, that you may not know.

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If you’re wondering what a ground protection mat is, as well as how it may be useful to you, we’ve got you covered.


What are ground protection mats?

Ground protection mats are mats that maintain landscaping and ground structure during the use of heavy machinery. Ground protection mats also help support construction vehicles, facilitating mobility for tehn as they travel over the surface area of a project.

Ground protection mats are commonly used by landscaping contractors, event organizers and homeowners.


Common uses for ground protection mats

Grass protection

Some of the best looking lawns are often the most difficult to maintain; this is especially true in dry climates. Conducting a construction project alongside a fragile lawn can cause severely damage it, especially when tools like skid loaders have to be used. Ground protection mats help protect lawns that would normally be damaged by heavy machinery that’s moving back and forth over the area..

Sidewalk protection

It might seem counterintuitive to think that concrete sidewalks need protection from heavy machinery, but it’s true. While concrete is substantially stronger than grass, construction machines can still cause pavement to crack and separate under pressure. Ground protection mats can be placed on top of the pavement to prevent damage during long-term pavement construction projects.

Event Landscapes

Whether holding an event indoors or outdoors, the area needs to be pristine for a good impression. Event flooring can come in all shapes and sizes, from smooth concrete to soft grass, but no matter the material, it must be protected to remain in pristine condition. Ground protection mats are versatile tools that can be used to cover the land during the days leading up to the event.

Traction Support

Sometimes it’s not just the ground that needs support from a protection mat—construction machines may need it to. During some construction jobs, particularly those in swampy or muddy areas, a ground protection mat is required to provide more traction for a machine’s wheels. In these instances, ground protection mats are relied upon to help the machines navigate areas that may be impossible to drive through otherwise.

Temporary Roads

When constructing a new path or paved road, there are periods where the ground is exposed to debris and damage. Instead of leaving the area susceptible to damages, construction teams may place ground protection mats on the area to create a temporary road. This will allow vehicles to pass over the ground without leaving tire marks and indentations on the pavement.


Ground protection mats for multiple uses

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