Every pool construction project is a new adventure. Although you’ll have your tried-and-true methods for completing every job with the highest satisfaction, some jobs will prove more difficult than others. One of the things that’s different every time you do it is pool drainage systems. Finding the right size pool deck drain for each new project requires a certain level of know-how that you’ll only gain after years in the industry.

Today, we’re sharing our tricks for deciding which size pool deck drain to use. We’ve gathered these tips after decades of building pools and we’d like to make your job a little easier by spreading the knowledge.


2” Square Drain

A two inch square pool deck drain is the smallest option we have available. Built by Quaker, this drain is made from rigid PVC for long-lasting durability. It has heavier walls than other systems which allows for greater water volume capacity. It adapts well to all standard 1 ½” plastic fittings and the joints bond together like PVC pipe. The cleanouts adapt to 1 ½” threaded or connectors for end cleanouts using either a threaded or slip cap. Its smooth, concave top surface provides better drainage and minimizes the collection of dirt and debris.


3” Waterhog Deck Drain

The Quaker three inch Waterhog pool deck drain is constructed using all weather PVC so it lasts longer than other drains. Its concave top provides superior drainage and minimizes debris collection. It offers the largest top drain opening slots for the fastest drainage capabilities. It clogs less often than other drainage systems thanks to its ability for higher volumes of water. When you receive your shipment, it will include everything you need to install the drain such as tops, base, screws, and connections. Protective tape is attached to avoid damage during installation.


4” Waterhog Deck Drain

Our largest drain option is the four inch Waterhog pool deck drain by Quaker. This is the ideal drainage system for big projects such as commercial pools. It’s made from all-weather PVC and features a concave top for maximum drainage and minimal debris. It drains more water at a faster rate than other systems. When you shop with Frank Wall, your drains will come ready to install with tops, base, screws, and connections. It will also have protective tape attached to avoid damage when installing.


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Choosing the correct size pool deck drain doesn’t have to be a headache any more. At Frank Wall Enterprises, we’ve been in the pool construction industry for over three decades. We’ve seen and done it all and we’re here to share our knowledge and help you create beautiful projects from start to finish. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 800-488-9146 or contact us online. We’ll be happy to work with you to identify exactly what you need to complete your latest project at a price you can afford.