Board-form concrete can be tough for concrete builders to mold, due to the complexity of the formwork. However, there are several techniques you can utilize to simplify the process, such as relying on specific tools to ease the process.

Frank Wall’s Flexiform concrete form boards make producing board-formed concrete easier than ever for both interior and exterior projects. Although, you shouldn’t overlook the tips we provide below when using them for any house or communal swimming pool project.




View it as an art.

Typically, board-formed concrete walls are utilized for above-ground structural walls. However, rather than looking at them as a traditional construction project, it helps to view them as more of a modern sculptural work that highlights the pattern and grain of the form boards. Focus more on developing a textured wall finish that evokes an emotional reaction. It doesn’t matter if it is being used for a house swimming pool or a community pool. Anyone would appreciate the strength, pliability, and smoothness of board-form concrete.


Have a mock-up ready.

When you’re dealing with concrete, you’ll only have one chance to pour it in a way that matches what you’re going for. It’s best to have a conversation with all parties involved in the process and develop a mock-up that fits the exact parameters. With a finished mock-up, you’re able to review what the finished surface will look like, then provide feedback based on what’s presented.


Hire an expert crew.

Your board-formed concrete wall will only look as good as the crew that designs it. This is a complex job that requires extreme detail. You will need to hire a crew that will take direction and provides unique solutions for any issues that may arise. It’s important to make sure the crew is trained and skilled in creating board-form concrete walls.  As said before, you only have one chance to pour concrete right.



  • Utilize a 5-sack, 3,500-psi mix to pattern the wood grain.
  • Use plasticizers as an additive to the concrete mix for a higher sump. (We usually get to the higher slump.)
  • Pump the concrete through a steel wall pipe.
  • Vibrate the board-formed concrete with a tool that reaches the bottom of the framework.



Whether you’re using board-form concrete with brick, stone, or a variety of materials, constructing it can definitely be difficult for contractors that aren’t familiar. The level of detail required to complete a job can seem arduous. Yet, there are ways to make the process easier, one of them being the tools you use and two, get expert help from Frank Wall.

That’s why it’s highly recommended that you rely on Frank Wall’s Flexiform concrete form boards to complete the job.

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