Whether you are dealing with a residential, commercial, or industrial pool, your swimming pool filter pump must be in great condition. A pool pump house or cover offers many benefits and is well worth the investment.

A pool pump is a machine that keeps your pool filter system functioning as it should by pulling water through the filter and returning it to the pool. Many pool professionals say the pump is the heart of the pool’s circulation system like the human heart is to the body.


5 Reasons to Invest in a Pool Pump House or Cover

  1. Protect Children and Pets

Most importantly, your pool pump can be hazardous for children or animals. Cover up your pool pump with a cover or a pool pump house to protect people and animals of all ages.

  1. Protection from the Elements

Just like a cover for your outdoor air conditioning unit, or a carport for your vehicles, a pool pump cover protects your pump from leaves, sand, wind, rain, snow, hail, and sun. Pool pumps are not fully sealed because their motors are air-cooled and rely on airflow to prevent them from overheating. Avoid twigs, animal droppings, dust, dirt, pollen, and other debris (and all the corrosion and oxidation this could bring) with a pump cover.

For example, the extreme sun can warp rubber components like seals and tubing, as well as overheating the motor. This leads to a shorter life expectancy for your pool pump. Similarly, snow and ice can cause severe damage to an unprotected pool pump. Below-freezing temperatures can freeze your pump’s lines, then, expand and crack other parts. Also, cold temperatures can make plastic components brittle and crack. A pool pump cover shields your pump from this extreme weather instead of you needing to replace your pump or its parts.

  1. Noise Reduction Around Pool

Everyone loves a peaceful pool experience instead of constantly hearing the hum of a noisy filter pump motor. Something like a pool pump house also comes in handy at night when you can hear the motor.

  1. A Visually Appealing Pool Area

Pool equipment is an eyesore, similar to your water heater in the basement. You don’t have to spend a ton of money; there are lots of choices for pool pump houses and covers.


Invest in a Pool Pump House, Not Just a Cover

  1. Storage for Other Pool Equipment

Pool pump houses can also be used to store pool equipment. Investing in a larger size pool pump house for your swimming pool and yard allows for the pump to be fully enclosed, along with its skimmer, pool vacuum unit, and other items. Think of this as your mini pool equipment shed.


Choose the Right Pool Pump Cover or House

Prevent a costly, unexpected new pool pump purchase by investing in covering your pool pump. Remember, even minor damage can reduce your pool filter pump’s life. Just like with expensive home appliances, maintenance and protection are key.

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