Pouring concrete is a big job. We all know that. What many people don’t know is that it can be made a lot easier. Concrete form boards, also known as concrete form panels are a great tool to add to your business.

Are you still using plywood (engineered wood) to outline your concrete pouring jobs? Have you heard of Flexiform? Their concrete forms make building outlines and pouring concrete a much easier job. Here are five of the top benefits of using concrete form boards.



Thanks to the material they are made out of, Flexiform concrete form boards are highly flexible. This means they can handle very tight radii that you might encounter when building small ponds in a backyard. We have even seen them used in projects with as little as 12” of gap between concrete. If you try doing that with wood boards, you’ll be running back and forth from the saw to the job site to place small pieces of plywood into the right shape. That’s tiring and no fun for anyone.



Wood boards can only be used once and then they must be replaced. With Flexiform concrete form boards, you can use them at least 20 times before they become worn out. They are designed to withstand repeated use. Therefore, they are more cost effective for your business. They’re also better for the environment because when it is time to replace them, they are fully recyclable.



No matter what kind of construction you’re in, Flexiform concrete formwork can be used on a variety of projects. Whether you build pool decks, sidewalks, driveways, patios, or something else, these concrete form boards will become your best friend. Since they are reusable, you can even take them from one pool job to the next driveway job without having to buy new equipment. They also serve as the ideal way to build a border around a landscaping project.



When you choose Flexiform concrete form boards, you are also choosing Mother Earth. These products are made from 100% recycled HDPE plastic. As a matter of fact, there are 129 milk jugs in each roll of Flexiform. This plastic does not give off any harmful fumes. Plus, they are recommended by the Healthy Building Network as the most environmentally friendly of plastic building materials.



Flexiform concrete form boards come in a variety of sizes to fit any concrete forming need. We offer rolls as small as ½” thick x 3.5” wide x 50’ long or larger rolls such as the ½” thick x 6” wide x 50’ long roll. These are ideal for outlining an area you’re going to pour concrete into. For larger jobs, we have full size boards that are 8” x 12’ or 12” x 12’ and come 10 boards to a bundle.



If you’re looking to upgrade your concrete pouring process, check out our Flexiform concrete form boards today at Frank Wall Enterprises. They make every job easier and you won’t be disappointed! Depending on what size you need, these can be shipped by UPS or truck line. Just call us at 800-488-9146 for information and to complete your order.