Cheaper and less maintenance, above ground pools are such a great way to bring family and friends together and be active during beautiful, sunny weather. Pool equipment, just as with an inground pool, is essential for both safety and fun. Plus, when you have everything you need to for your pool to run properly, it allows you to spend more quality time with loved ones or simply some well needed peace and quiet.


If you think pools are only fun and luxurious when they are inground, you are surely mistaken. According to the pool experts at Frank Wall Enterprises, there are many possibilities. In fact, with the right pool supplies, an inground pool can last for decades. The most important thing with any pool is maintaining clean and safe pool water. Just like inground pools, above ground pools require essential pool equipment such as a pool pump, pool filter, cleaner, and cover.


  • Pool pumps

Known as the heart of your pool, a pump is responsible for circulating water so it stays clean and safe to swim in. Read about why a high-quality pool pump is vital to any above ground pool. Trust the experts, pool pumps constantly breathe new life into your pool water to keep it fresh and fancy.

  • Pool filters

Filters are important because they block tiny and large particles from entering your pool such as stones, dead bugs, leaves, flowers, and more. If you want avoid debris building up over time, a filter will help you keep your pool clean from gunk build up.

  • Pool cleaners

Have you ever seen those long, skinny vacuums that move around on the pool floor? They are certainly not just for fancy inground pools. Above ground pools like a good massage as well. Treat your above ground pool to the pampering it deserves by getting a pool cleaner. Whether a robotic pool cleaner or a hand-held suction pool cleaner, it is a quick fix to falling leaves and whatnot.

  • Pool covers

Of course, why would you not buy a pool cover? Can you imagine what the wind would pick up and dump on your pool at night or when you’re not home? A pool cover is the easiest way to keep out unnecessary guests (animals and insects) and whatever else tried to get into your pool when you’re not looking. If you pool area gets a lot of sun, look into buying a solar cover to save on electricity costs.


Why wouldn’t you? Above all, the one-on-one advice is more valuable than you will ever find in a hardware store or big chain supplier. Contact the pool experts at Frank Wall Enterprises, LLC for all your pool equipment needs. Most importantly, Frank Wall Enterprises, LLC offers you a one-stop shop for nearly everything you need to build an above ground pool and its parts. To learn more about pool equipment, view our selection and prices or contact us directly. Shop Frank Wall now.