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Solar Breeze   SOLAR-BREEZE

The Solar-Breeze pool skimmer is an intelligent robot that uses free energy from the sun to keep your pool clean by removing leaves, debris, organic material, pollens, dust and even suntan oils from the surface of your pool before they sink to the bottom.

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Solar Clear  


Solar-Clear is a 100% natural, solar powered, pool water purifier/ionizer that substantially reduces chlorine consumption. Solar-Clear requires no installation and works effectively in any pool* up to 32,000 gallons.

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Heat Snorkel  


Heat Snorkels™ were originally designed to be placed in your pool at the beginning of the pool season to decrease your “Heat Up” wait time, and reduce your energy usage by up to 80%, and then removed. But, look at the many benefits our customers have found . . . . all of which led to leaving the patent pending Heat Snorkel™ in your pool all season.

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Pro (for inground pools) $59.95


Pro V(for above ground pools) $49.95


Heat Snorkel

Lil' DIpit Skimmer Cleaning Tool


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